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Elixir of Luminescence

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The ultimate recipe for a gleeful glowing skin  

Elixir of Luminescence Recipe brings out the glow in your skin with a brilliant combination of pure and potent ingredients that brighten the complexion and even out your skin tone. While Papaya Clay makes for an excellent exfoliant to detoxify the skin, Bearberry extract contains Arbutin from bearberries that helps reduce dark spots and skin discolouration. To top it all off, Grapeseed Oil which is rich in Vitamin C and linoleic acid helps brighten the skin and make it glow. Prepare and apply this mixture every night for one month to give your skin a radiance you have never experienced before. 

 What is it for? 

Suitable for All Skin types


  1. Papaya Clay Chemistry - 50gms 
  2. Bearberry Brightness Hydrosol - 100ml 
  3. Grapeseed Greatness Oil - 30ml
  4. Recipe and Instructions
  5. Tools to measure, mix and apply



  • For external use only
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight
  • Avoid contact with eyes – if this happens, rinse eyes with abundant water
  • Some people may be allergic to certain nuts, fruits or other ingredients. In case of irritation discontinue use immediately. Patch test recommended before use.

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