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Cherrypicked is a “Do it yourself” brand on a mission to promote healthy and sustainable beauty. The central idea behind this mission is that

“How you make products is as important as the products themselves”.

We make naturally preserved ingredients that you can effortlessly blend together in your kitchens to create your own customized formulations. Pick and choose the best of sun dried herbs, cold pressed oils and natural clays  in order to create your favorite skincare products in easy to follow steps. Head over to our Recipes section to find out different ways of combining ingredients and Customize Recipe as per your skin type and skincare goals.

Our ingredients are carefully harvested and meticulously preserved by state of the art, “non-chemical” processes that help retain their true natural potency without introducing any harmful chemicals in the process. Blending fresh, homemade skincare allows you to “cherrypick” only the best ingredients and avoid the nasty chemicals present in off the shelf products.  Check out our collection of products and take the first step towards a healthy and beautiful life.

For queries about products or any other information please reach us at