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Customise Your Own Box

Rs. 3,149.00

Customized Box containing natures best ingredients and DIY recipes personalized to your skin type.

You will receive a variety of naturally preserved ingredients, along with easy to follow recipes which you can effortlessly blend together to create customized formulations and address your skincare goals and concerns.

NOTE: Our skincare experts will contact you after you place an order to capture your skincare needs.  Suitable for All skin types.

  • 1. Clay Mask
  • 2. Oil
  • 3. Toner
  • 4. Recipe and instructions
  • 5. Tools to measure, mix and apply

For external use only
Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight
Avoid contact with eyes – if this happens, rinse eyes with abundant water.
Some people may be allergic to certain nuts, fruits or other ingredients. In case of irritation discontinue use immediately. Patch test recommended before use.